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    Lisa Hopkins

    on Dec 08

    I stumbled across your pictures doing a google search for Jamestown. Thank you so much for sharing them - they are beautiful. If you are interested, a committee I am a part of has created a page on Facebook called 'Friends of St Helena'. It has some lovely pics of St Helena from the early 1900's which are fascinating - especially when you've seen 'modern' St Helena! Please feel free to join & Like and share links to your pictures.

  • earth-photos

    on Nov 07

    We enjoyed our visit to your island, Sharon, and I appreciate your sharing this comment.


  • Sharon ST.Ville

    on Nov 05

    I am a ST.Helenian and may i add a very proud one, of my little Island,its British Island but unfortunately run by people who haven't got a clue about the peoples needs/culture even though they are quaulified to do a particular job/profession what do they do,employ people from abroad ie the UK and the marjority are expactriates they are paid to and from the island given beautifuls homes to live in(and from my experiece living in the UK for 35yrs they have never in a millon yrs had it so good) and are well paid,there standards are below expectation, so what happens,they seek advise from the islander who's quaulified, i may also like to add that the foreighner is paid trebble to what the qualified islander is paid. as we all are aware the world is in a economical financial state.So come on where are the Rights,Choices,Dignity,Respect and most importantly are Human Rights

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